What’s the Best Hoverboard for the Money?

What’s the Best Hoverboard Available?

Last year those self balancing scooters that people call “hoverboards” have exploded in popularity, and some have exploded outright.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one before the whole hoverboard fire craze started, and then, I finally decided it wouldn’t be worth my time to try to figure out which one was the safest etc.

This year, though, having sold a lot of my camera gear, I decided to spend some of that extra cash on a hoverboard. They just look like a lot of fun, and I’m guessing I could go grab groceries here on it (I know, I know, I’d look like a tool but who cares? Life’s too short).

Anyway, I’ve been doing some research on what the best hoverboard to get would be, and apparently now Swagway has made a new model called the Swagtron which has a battery compartment so that your board won’t catch on fire and stuff.

Sounds pretty legit.. has anybody tried it? I read this Swagtron T1 Review, and it has me *almost* convinced. It seems to me like it’s the safest hoverboard out there, but who knows?

As far as the power, these self balancing scooters from Swagway seem to be the fastest and the ones capable of holding the most weight (I’m not a small dude at around 210lbs!).

I wanted to get a 10 inch wheel self balancing scooter originally but I’m not sure those are worth it anymore.

Also another thing I’m trying to figure out is what color hoverboard to choose! I’m partial to the black one but my gf says it’s boring. She’s trying to convince me to get a pink hoverboard (but I know she’ll just steal it and use it herself if I pick that!)

I suppose at least I would look like a tool who’s at least “ironic” about riding a hoverboard to the grocery store LOL.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted once I order and receive┬ámy hoverboard!